Voices in Flow is ​a vocal ensemble group that seeks to empower and share an organic experience through the connection of mind, body, and music.

Our work is centered around mindfulness and making music in a mindful environment. To us, a mindful state is being non-judgmental of oneself and others while engaging in the present moment, with what(ever) is.

We produce Musical Mindfulness Workshops on a monthly basis that invite participants to explore, learn, play, and connect through a series of activities that build or encourage musical and mindful techniques. At the workshops, participants have the opportunity to make music in an open and free environment that promotes optimum creativity. You can find out more about our workshops on our Workshop page and register for an upcoming session on the Upcoming Events page. 


VIF features vocal improvisation in a workshop format that invites participants to explore mindfulness & music making.  We will stage interactive live performances and lead small group musical workshops that fuse mindfulness techniques with contemporary and creative singing practices.  In all our projects, our focus will be on the joy of making music together as an experience of connecting with the senses, connecting with each other, & engaging in the present moment.